About One-on-One

Here we explain how to enjoy One-on-One talking with V-Tuber and required confirmation items. Please check before purchase tickets.


Preparation before purchase ticket for One-on-One


1. Download app

Ver.2.3.2 [release date] 2021/6/15 14:00

*If you select VR version, please download SteamVR in advance.

2. Check your PC spec

*We DO NOT refund the ticket for users who did not complete PC spec check before purchasing tickets. Thank you for your understanding.

Maintenance schedule
Unable to access to the lobby through 12/29~1/4 for holidays

Recommended VR environment
​HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Pro, HTC VIVE Cosmos, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S


Steps to enjoy One-on-One


Activate app

Click [Play!] button



Enter the ticket number


Select lobby room

Untitled (1).png


Waiting at lobby room


In the lobby room, the live view of other participant session is available


You will receive invitation message to the session room

Untitled (5).png


Session start!

スクリーンショット 2020-08-31 13.59.09.png

You can enjoy One-on-One for 2 minutes / per 1 ticket.




Q. When can I enter into the lobby room?

A. You can enter into the lobby room at anytime while
One-on-One session for your ticket is available

Q. I can't hear the sound. How can I fix the trouble?

A. Can you check sound volume?
If your PC is not muted, please reboot app or your PC.

Q. Can I walk around inside the lobby room?

A. If you use "light ver", you can NOT walk around in the lobby room.
If you use "VR ver", you can walk around by using VR tracking.
Walking around by controller is NOT supported.
One-on-One room supports same specification as well as lobby room.

Q. Can I upload the video record or screen shot on SNS?

A. You can upload screen shot (picture), but can NOT upload the video record.
It's apprecialte if you post on SNS with "#wakuV"


How to check your PC spec



Activate app


Click [Play!] button


Enter "TestRoom0123" as ticket number

Untitled (2).png


Select "lobby room"

Untitled (3).png

If you can successfully enter into the lobby room, PC spec check is completed. Congratulation!

●Please check if you can not enter into the lobby room

Case 1 : Can not activate app
 It is considered that PC spec is insufficient to activate app.

Case 2 : Can not proceed from the loading screen to the lobby room
 It is considered that the security software affect the issue.
 Please close the security software, then try it again.

Case 3 : White screen appears after logging in the lobby room
 There are cases when it takes few minutes to complete the loading.
 In case when the loading is not finished after few minutes, please close
 the app and activate it again.

●Please check if you see the message "There is no available room"


Case 1 : Server is under maintenance
 Please try it again after hours
 *We will inform the maintenance schedule on our top page

Case 2 : Test server will not work on the event day
 Please try it again on the day except the event day.

Case 3 : Server is down due to some issue

 Please try it again after hours